December 31, 2009

Poor little blog...

My poor little blog. It has a bad mommy. I've neglected it and shown it next to no love lately.

I promise to fix that in the very near future though.

After dealing with some personal stuff that's been stressing me out, I received some good news today. So... I'm feeling optimistic. Maybe that means my creative block will be lifted and I can get back to writing.

Just be warned, I might be taking y'all on a "detour" when I do get back to the insanity that is me... cooking... with no supervision... Hmm...

Note to self: Buy a fire extinguisher for the kitchen and new stuff for the first-aid kit.

As I recall all too vividly, the last time I got back into the whole cooking thing, I had a mini-kitchen fire and burned the living daylights out of myself.

Wish me luck!