April 05, 2009

Never Underestimate Paula Deen or Chocolate Cookies

Today, I made three different goodies from three different recipes. Only one of them counts against my cooking challenge.

Seriously? Yeesh….I need to get more organized about this gig if I’m going to use all of my cookbooks before the end of the year. Okay. Enough complaining.

Brunch today included a do over of my family’s banana muffin recipe. The last ones were good, but they seemed a little tough to me. These came out much better. Plus, I made them with chocolate chips instead of walnuts. Even better.

The big to do was, in fact, a very simple recipe from “Paula Deen & Friends: Living It Up, Southern Style.”

First, I had to get past my 12-year-old-boy-esque reaction to a dish called “Sausage Balls.” Sausage Balls. Yeah. Go ahead. Giggle. I did. More than once. Still giggling, actually.

Whatever your reaction to Sausage Balls, they met a few of my criteria for making brunch this morning. 1) Easy. 2) Use the ground sausage in the freezer (the waste not rule in effect). 3) Be a new dish.

Sausage Balls are a mixture of ground sausage, Bisquick, shredded cheddar cheese and some pepper. That’s it. You mix it all together by hand. Form one-inch balls. Bake ‘em all on a cookie sheet sprayed liberally with PAM cooking spray. Flip ‘em once. And then eat ‘em.

I liked ‘em. I was sort of surprised. But I should've known better. This is a Paula Deen recipe. You can underestimate her or make fun of her for using more butter than might seem reasonable. But she is Paula Deen. She knows what the heck fuzzy she is doing when it comes to food.

I capped off today’s cooking adventures by making cookies for dinner.

Are you really all that shocked? After all, I ate muffins and Sausage Balls for brunch. Cookies for dinner were the only way to go, really. And no, salad wasn’t an option. Today was a blizzardy, sleety, icky mess. I deserved comfort food.

Tonight’s cookies were inspired by a photo I saw on TasteSpotting.com, one of my new favorite Web sites. It took me to A Pookie Pantry’s blog and this recipe.

My biggest challenge with these cookies is not eating every. single. one. of. them. RIGHT NOW. All of them. All two dozen of them.

Gah! The restraint is killing me.

If I hadn’t promised to bring cookies to my co-workers tomorrow, these cookies would not be sitting on their plate untouched. They would be in my belly. Where they belong.


The restraint I am showing in not eating every single solitary cookie deserves some sort of an award.


Oh well. I will content myself with sharing them and just hope that my co-workers like them as much as I do.

If not, I’ll snatch them out of their ungrateful hands and snarf them all down myself.

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