April 27, 2009

Life Gets Busy, Do I Have to Give Up Cooking? Maybe.

So I’m a few weeks into this whole cooking challenge thing and realizing that it is *work*. Why did I not realize this earlier? Like before I got started with it? Granted, it is work with some particularly yummy benefits (if I do say so myself), but still…

There’s the obvious stuff. Like the cooking (duh...). The grocery shopping. And the blogging thing. Like I said obvious.

But then there’s the other stuff. Like cleaning.

For whatever reason, I cannot cook in a messy apartment. Yes. The entire apartment has to be clean before I feel like I can do something that, when all is said and done, makes one gawd-awful mess of my kitchen.

I’m not entirely certain why I feel the need to have a clean apartment before I start making a mess in the kitchen. Maybe it’s the fact that if I’m up to my elbows in goodness in only knows what in the kitchen, I need some respite from the mess.

And then, there’s my whole short attention span issue. It takes next to nothing to distract me. I’d like to say that it’s something sexier like multitasking, but it’s not multitasking when I forget to do whatever it was that I was going to do before I was distracted while on my way to do whatever it was I was going to do.

So this is a lead in to the explanation that, while I sometimes have no excuse for being behind on my self-set schedule of cooking and blogging other than my own short-attention span, I will have one during the next couple of weeks. The job that pays the bills (and that I enjoy, too) is sending me on the road for some conferences and the weekends will be full of other commitments that do not involve me cooking or baking for others.

Although… Now that I think about it, this might be an opportunity to more carefully plan out how it is, exactly, that I’m going to make sure I make it though all of my cookbooks by the end of the year as planned. Hmm

Oh! What’s that? A silver lining? Seen through some rose-tinted glasses? Why yes. Yes, I believe that is the case.


Krystal said...

FINALLY! Finally, I find someone who has the same weird hang-up as me ... can't cook unless the entire house is clean!! My family has poked fun at me for years now because of this challenge, although I prefer to call is a "talent". It takes me literally a full 1-2 days to prepare for a holiday meal, not counting the day or two of cooking!

And, I must admit I'm a little that way in my home office. I can't concentrate if my office is a mess. Must be a correlation - a clean surrounding is required for productivity ... at least in our minds!

Clean on, sister!

Steff Childs said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Phew!!!